Facing Compliance Threats & Challenges While Agents Work From Home

Agents Work From Home

As 2020 continues, we cannot ignore the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on our society, including the professional workplace. Companies are continuing to make strides every day to keep their employees safe while still managing their business’s day-to-day intricacies. However, with work-from-home comes its own set of challenges and risks. Companies are beginning to face compliance threats & other challenges that were once easier to manage. 

 Threats and Challenges:

  • An agent working from home can easily capture a customer’s private information in many different forms. It includes writing it down, screen-capturing, using a cell phone or tablet to take pictures of computer screens, or using their mobile device to record private and secure conversations with customers. 
  • Working from home can easily be a distraction for any unmotivated agent. Some of the most motivated agents can use the time while working from home to conduct chores, play with animals, or entertain themselves with Youtube, T.V, streaming networks, and so much more.  
  • Agents working from home can also find challenges trying to connect with other team members or supervisors during a time when they are needed most. (Asking for help, getting feedback, and general work morale and camaraderie.) 
  • Unmonitored agents can also hold their customers for ransom while dealing with private and sensitive information. They could be asking customers to transfer personal money into the agent’s account while holding the customer’s personal and sensitive information ransom. 

Threats and challenges of these sorts before COVID-19 were easily managed with an engaged management floor team and a highly secure in-office cybersecurity database.   

With many companies not returning to the brick and mortar workplace, how do you keep your company from being in the headlines for the next security breach while keeping your agents engaged?

The forward-thinkers at Trendzact have created a new way to protect your business and your customers while engaging your agents.  

Agent Interact was developed to get an accurate picture of each agent’s performance, intent, and eliminate uncertainty about suspect behavior management of agents dealing with sensitive and confidential information. 

Our Workspace monitoring platform offers the following Capabilities:

Computer Activity Monitor & Live Feed Video

Our workspace monitoring system is equipped with proper computer activity monitoring, allowing supervisors to see the agent’s live feed video. Computer activity monitor is just one of many aspects of the Agent Interact product that many competitors lack in monitoring their at-home agents. With this, you will be able to achieve a much higher level of workspace monitoring. This product will ensure the eradication of any misuse irrespective of malicious intent or just ignorance. 

User Action Tracking (e.g., apps opened, URLs visited)

Also referred to as a User Activity Tracking, our agent interact product monitors the overall user activity day-to-day. Moreover, it is a perfect tool to assess the misuse of any privileges granted to an employer’s agent. Therefore, we can say with utmost confidence that after purchasing our product, your protection policies will strengthen, and you will be able to get proactive in the overall user activity in the day. 

Multi-Webcam Workspace Monitoring

The workspace monitoring system includes a multi-webcam purchase pack that allows you to monitor from different angles. Capture an agent’s activity that goes further beyond a front-facing webcam. This technology increases your overall capacity to monitor the agent’s activity from different angles. Thus, allowing you to have a higher level of surveillance with minimum chances for mishaps or misuses. 

Image Capture 

In addition to the video monitoring provided by Agent Interact, you will also benefit from its useful image capturing abilities. 

Capture clear images of an agent’s desk space, browser, and face recognition technology. The ability to capture an agent’s browser, keystrokes, desk space, and verifying the agent’s identity gives your company additional security unmatched by competitors. 

Agent-to-Supervisor Chat & Screenshare

Agents find getting help from supervisors or peers can be one of the most frustrating aspects of work-from-home. Agent Interact provides quick visual assistance to engage with their supervisors by allowing virtual “Hand-raising” for help. Chat & screen share between agent and supervisor without having to put the customer on hold. Store chats as internal notes for training documentation. 

Agent Interact allows you to engage with agents and motivate them while working from home while giving your company comprehensive monitoring to log agents’ activities, flag suspicious behavior, and information required to respond to incidents. Is your business ready to regain control of your contact center while ensuring the client’s security and motivating your agents?    

Visit Trendzact.com today! That’s Trendzact with a “Z.”

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