Workspace Monitoring and QA Solutions

Traditional, external threat mitigation solutions fail to protect against (or even address) the internal, insider threat data extraction (ie: cell phone audio/video recording, manual transcriptions, resource impersonation, location spoofing) and productivity losses.

Standard QA processes spend hours of manual labor to find, score and coach on customer interactions.  Even with all the hours put in over 95% of interactions are never scored or reviewed.  

We solve these issues through our:

WMR Solution


Workspace Monitoring

Monitor compliance of compliant environment through identity verification, threat detection and automated flagging of risks to workspace environment.

Quality Assurance

Leverage automated Quality Assurance to accurately evaluate, score, rank and provide feedback to employees on 100% of customer interactions.


Ensure every customer interaction is documented directly into your CRM notes field without agents having to lift a finger.

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