Conversations With A WFH Agent – Interaction One

At Trendzact, we have worked with call centers and other businesses to set up and work with Workspace Monitoring. We have received different responses and reactions to our Work from Home solution, so we say down with an agent to gather their feedback and engaged in a meaningful conversation about their concerns.

Topic: Agent Concerned About Webcam Monitoring In Home

Agent 1: “Aside from feeling intruded on, I’m pretty camera-shy, and I’m worried I won’t be able to do my work as well when I am constantly being watched.”
Trendzact’s Response: “Agent Interact was not created to “spy” on employees or make the employee feel uncomfortable while trying to get their work done. Agent Interact was created with the employee in mind. Employees while working on-premises are surrounded and protected by security measures that they might not even know about. While working on-premises, you are already monitored and watched on several security cameras, from entering the office building to being observed while at work. You also benefit from a supervisor being in the same building as you are working. When asked to work from home, you are losing this security net; Agent Interact also helps you to gain access back to the supervisors and team members.”
Agent Interact uses webcam monitoring to ensure your employees working from home maintain your companies’ Clean Desk Policy. The webcam monitoring also allows supervisors to us AI technologies to flag images from these webcams that may show the agent engaging in actions that are not compliant with your Clean Desk Policy. Webcam monitoring also ensures the supervisors that the agents are working during their designated work hours, and they are who they say they are.

Agent 1: “I understand that I was monitored in the office for security, but the idea of being monitored by a camera all day at home makes me uncomfortable. Why isn’t a key-logging or URL tracking enough for my employer to monitor me?”
Trendzact’s Response: “Webcam monitoring is about providing proof. In an on-premise workplace, your security officers and supervisors will have the tools to protect the company and its employees. When a situation presents itself where a company’s client is claiming that misuse has happened, your supervisors and security officers will be well equipped to get to the bottom and protect the company from these accusations. While working from home, the supervisors and security officers have lost all direct visual supervision of their employees, and they cannot rally with their employees and prove that misuse of the system didn’t take place. Agent Interact is not a tool to catch the Agent in the act of misuse but to help provide proof when needed to protect the company and the employee. Key-logging & URL tracking can only offer so much protection for the company and employee that may not be enough to prove the innocents of an employee and a company. ”
Agent Interact uses AI technologies to capture anomalies from the agent’s webcam that a supervisor may miss while observing the agent during the day. These images are stored for later review if your company needs to gather proof of no negligence on your employees’ side.

Agent 1: “My home is my sanctuary, and I am uncomfortable having my employer having access to view what is inside of my home. How do I know they are not accessing my webcam after hours when I am not working? That goes for other agents accessing my camera while I am not working?”
Trendzact’s Response: “Our employees at Trendzact not only sell and work with webcam monitoring, but all of our team members are monitored by webcam monitoring as well. With that in mind, we made sure to keep the employee on the forefront of our minds while creating Agent Interact software. Agent Interact only operates and allows people to view your webcam when you are logged into the software and working. Once you log off from the program, the webcam is shut off, and there is no way that a supervisor or an agent to have access to your webcam. With that other agents will not have the ability to access your webcam at any time working or not. No need to worry about being monitored after hours while you are in your own personal leisure time.”
Agent Interact puts the control back in the supervisor’s hands when an agent is logging in and out of the system. It does not allow an agent to log in outside of hours and does not try to capture any of the images while the agent is offline, protecting your company from any privacy issues.

It is usual for agents to have aversions and worries about being monitored at home. Still, it is up to the employer to help coach and train your agents on the positive aspects of Workspace Monitoring. Trendzact has reading and tools to help guide you along with this new transition to the new monitoring system.

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