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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming essential for its capacity to drive digital transformation and deliver a competitive advantage through increased productivity, efficiency, and cost-reductions. Yet despite the obvious benefits of implementing AI technologies, realizing the potential of AI can be elusive.
Trendzact provides on-demand data science Insights team who will solve the AI resource dilemma. Our Insights team will apply machine learning models into your business processes and build functionality such as natural language processing and service level agreement (“SLA”) diagnostics into your CRM solution.
Our Insight Teams are hyper-focused on their craft, with the skill and talent to pursue it. Every day they show up ready to dive in and excited to build industry-changing AI / ML actionable recommendations.

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AI Use Cases

“Eliminating most of the ticket and case documentation will result in a 15% reduction in AHT and ACW. A game-changer!”
-P. Lawson, Quicken Inc

At Trendzact, we’ve been investing heavily in AI for more than years and machine learning was designed as a native, tangible aspect of our CRM solution.

  • Proactively provide agents with information and shortcuts based on stated customer needs and optimized outcomes. 
  • Expedite after-call-work time with automated Ticket/case documentation. Systematically recognizes and enter all key aspects of an interaction into the conversation description and notes. 
  • Anomaly Detection Monitor alerts with suggested corrections if entered information doesn’t match the conversation. 
  • Leverage agent support automation to reduce agent-supervisor interactions,
  • Reduce initial and ongoing training efforts through automated recommendations

AI bootcamp for CRM Leaders

Trendzact is bringing answers to a city near you. The AI Bootcamp combines hands-on educational workshops with advisory professional services to help you ‘work backwards’ from business challenges, and then go step-by-step through the process of developing machine learning-based solutions. You’ll be able to take what you have learned through the process to apply machine learning to business opportunities.

  • Understand those crazy acronyms • How can AI help your center today
  • Chatbots (autonomous and hybrid) • Real-time recommendations 
  • Anomaly detection
  • How to harness the AI / ML power 
  • Common AI / ML pitfalls 
  • The limitations of AI / ML 
  • AI ROI (is it really worth it now?)

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